Peak Scientific High Output Nitrogen systems are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and come with or without a built-in air compressor. The NM Series Nitrogen Generators with compressor produce flow rates of between 18L/min and 32L/min. Larger systems, up to 420L/min., are available

The NM Series High Output Nitrogen Generators use hollow fiber membrane technology to efficiently separate nitrogen from other gases in air to produce a continuous high flow supply of high purity nitrogen for use in LC/MS systems using either APCi or ESi modes. The Peak High Output Nitrogen Generators are easy to use and install in minutes.


  • Built in air compressor: Optional
  • Dry Nitrogen: -40°C / -40°F PDP
  • Easy installation: "Plug and Play" No special installation.
  • 24 hour supply: Continuous gas supply
  • Purity: Constant purity with no fall off in performance.
  • Quiet: Locate directly in the lab
  • Safe and cost effective: Replace cylinders.
  • Mobile: Move to suit your requirements
  • Experience: Over 10,000 systems installed worldwide.
  • Design: Specifically for LC/MS/MS
Max Flow Rate (ATP) 18 liters/ min. 18 liters/ min. 30 liters/ min. 30 liters/ min.
Max. Outlet Pressure input dependent 100psi/6.89 bar input dependent 100psi/6.89 bar
Air Compressor no YES no YES
Nitrogen Pressure Dewpoint -40°C / -40°F -40°C / -40°F -40°C / -40°F -40°C / -40°F
Particles >0.01 µm none none none none
Suspended Liquids none none none none
Phthalates none none none none
Min-Max Air Inlet Pressure 110 - 145 psi n/a 110 - 145 psi n/a
Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature 30°C / 89°F 25°C / 77°F 30°C / 89°F 30°C / 89°F
Noise Level none <54 dB (A) 3 ft. none <54 dB (A) 3 ft.
Electrical Requirements none 230v 50/60Hz 3.6 amps none 220v 50/60Hz 5 amps
Dimensions (WxDxH) 30"x10"x7" 16"x27.5"x28" 30"x10"x7" 24"x29"28""
Weight 29 lbs 132 lbs 29 lbs 209 lbs
Price $10,870.00 $13,22500 $12,535.00 $18,300.00
Larger high output nitrogen generators are available with the following volumes (L/min.):
60L, 120L, 180L, 240L, 300L, 360L, and 420L.
Please inquire for additional information and pricing.

PURITY STATEMENT: The question of purity often comes up with the 'NM' Series high volume nitrogen generators. Peak Scientific Instruments generators are tested under strict 'factory controlled conditions' against which the specifications are published. Nitrogen purity is tested and recorded at the factory as part of the QC test but excluded from the specifications for the following reasons.

Many environmental factors can affect purity such as ambient temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude. In addition, nitrogen purity will also vary directly with the Output Pressure and Mass Flow requirements of the mass spectrometer. It is therefore very difficult to predict and guarantee the exact purity of delivered nitrogen everywhere around the world.

Some generator manufacturers do quote specifications for purity and have chosen to provide a table with conditions and caveats which make it equally difficult to work out what the real figure truly is.

The Peak 'NM' Series high volume nitrogen generators are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of LC/MS/MS systems only and are approved and/or specified by many LC/MS/MS OEM manufacturers. In all the years of testing and collaboration with the MS instrument manufacturers, as well as thousands of satisfied users in over 70 countries, nitrogen purity has never been an issue that has affected MS performance or experimental results.

This is what is really important and testament to the fact that the nitrogen supplied by the 'NM' Nitrogen Generators will meet your LC/MS/MS needs

While these Generators may be used for other lab or industrial applications, the output purity cannot be guaranteed.

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